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About me

Monica Nease Jenkins is a storyteller, voiceover artist, podcaster, meditator, actress, wife, mom, lover of cats, dogs, insects, birds, native plants, Art (and art), music and a lot of what makes living on Earth a wonderful thing. 


Monica is a human on a mission to make her world better. The stories she prefers to tell are ones where we humans go through difficult times and come out the other side transformed — more wise and safe to pursue the next challenge.  As the story’s protagonist, we humans get a chance to level up in the game. 


Climate change is her passion but, from experience, understands that addressing that crisis starts with each of us. 

Are we balanced in our day to day approach? Losing that balance may not affect every situation we face in our work or climate volunteerism but in the long run losing that inner calm and balance does not go well in pursuing the difficult path of climate activism. She turned to meditation to try to recapture that balance. It may help you as well. 


Why should we ‘Return to Earth? Where have we been for the last 200 or so years since climate change was first recognized as a thing? 


It seems like we humans thought we were given carte blanche to rape and pillage the planet with impunity. Well, given appearances, that’s not how this story is turning out. Not all of us raped, pillaged and destroyed natural resources of course! But we all live here don’t we? It’s this current generation of humans who must make amends, adjust our lives, readjust our way of seeing our role here on Earth. 


We are PART of this Earth. We are part of Nature, not separate from it. Strange as it may seem, that’s a novel consideration for this generation of humans.


What we do to the planet, to our yards, our towns, cities, farms, lakes, rivers, oceans — we are doing to ourselves. 


Not many in the political arena have come to this conclusion. Not yet anyway. So what’s a Mother to do? In this podcast, innovative people who are working on projects at the local, regional, national and global levels to address our crisis will be highlighted - with and without the help of our political allies and opponents. 


Will we make it in time? Jenkins thinks so but that would be telling you the end of the story. Do not read the last page first! That’s what a lot of climate pessimists would have you do with their own version of what may happen. We do not know how this story will end. Too many twists and turns until we get that denouement. But do start paying attention. 


Read. Think. Act. 


You have a role to play. Which one will that be? May this work help you find hope, inspiration, and a way forward on your own path to addressing this crisis in your life, in your community. 

A cut out shape of a Maori style tattoo illustration
A cut out shape of a Maori style tattoo illustration
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